LSU Sites

The official site of LSU athletics. If you have any questions about LSU sporting events or policies, you can probably find out the "correct" answers here.

Tiger Roar
A nice collection of links to LSU news as well as a free and pay forum.

Dandy Don
Some people say he's crazy, but he does provide constant updates and doesn't cost a dime, unless you'd like to give a donation.

Entertaining Sites

Something Awful
Hands down the best non-1% Club forum on the Internet :) Hours upon hours of entertainment guaranteed! Our own forum is based heavily off this site, so check it out if you get a chance.

eBaum's World
A large collection of funny movies, flash cartoons, pictures, games, etc. Though I think everything is fine, I haven't been through most of the site, so if you're at work, be careful what you click.

Jib Jab
Flash animation at it's best. This is well worth a look or two.

Happy Tree Friends
Got a problem with cute, cuddly cartoon animals? Well, apparently so do these guys. This site does have some major cartoon violence, so I'd advise against any Hello Kitty fans watching this.

Local Sites

Art Exposed
Take a look at what these guys can do with their wood :) They can engrave just about any design onto a set of wooden blinds (LSU included).

The Caterie
Live bands and great food. Also, check out the Press Box Show with Jimmy Ott on Fridays at The Caterie for a live LSU event.

Only the best Italian food in Baton Rouge!