1% Club – New Member Information

So, you'd like to join the 1% Club? Well, we'd love to have you.

*2013 Football Season Signup Information*



Member Benefits:

Every member will receive the following benefits:

All-you-can Drink* – This includes a combination of Miller Lite kegs and Tiger Fuel (a 1% Club jungle juice variant). On certain days, we will also bring the Jager machine out for some pre-game toasting! 


Food** – Depending on the start of the game, we will provide a brunch, lunch or late lunch for all of our members. The meal selection and serving time will be predetermined before the week of the game and will vary from week to week.

Great Location – We enjoy being in the middle of the action on campus. That’s why we go through the trouble of claiming our spot the night before games each week. We’re across the street from where the band sets up, about a block from where Game Day sets up, and very close to the staduim and Mike the Tiger’s habitat. After the game, we’re walking distance from The Chimes, The Varsity and other local hot spots. Here’s a map that shows our site location:




Direct TV setup with the ESPN College Gameplan – There’s no need to try to figure out the Florida-Tennessee score from your iPhone anymore. You can check that out live, plus any other game included in the Gameplan package from the tailgate!*** We will even play the game live at the tailgate if members do not have tickets to the game.

Party Games – We’ve got 3 regulation-sized beer pong tables for all you beer pong and flip cup enthusiasts out there. For those not looking to drink, we also have a custom built bean toss (aka “Corn Hole”) game, and washer toss to have fun with.

Large Covered Area – We have up to six 10’ x 10’ canopies that we set up for game day. This gives us plenty of room to continue tailgating if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Quality Audio Equipment – Did you ever have to crouch next to your portable boom box, listening intently to find out if it was Devery Henderson or Jack Hunt who caught the Bluegrass Miracle, while the tailgate next to you blared out Brittney Spears’ newest single? That’s a problem of the past with our audio setup.


1% Club Pricing:

Membership Dues for 1% Club Members (1 year - 7 home games)****

Due August 30th, 2012

Guys - $140

Girls - $120

Includes member t-shirt, as well as other listed benefits.

Choose Package


Per Game


Due on game day
Guys- $25

Girls - $20


Includes listed member benefits for the day of the game.

NOTE - Per Game sign-ups may be restricted depending on food or alcohol availability to members.

Other Purchases
Extra t-shirt (2012)- $15 (quantities and sizes limited)

Older t-shirts - $5 (sizes and designs limited)


New Member Contact Information: 

To sign up with us, please make checks out to:


Pi Enterprises, 

P O Box 64825

Baton Rouge, LA 70896


or paypal us at gb@panelsplusinc.com (please include paypal fees when sending money)   


For any further information, Please contact Gary or Paul via phone or email listed below:

Gary: (ph) 504-756-19(8)7 - (em) Gary
Paul: (ph) 225-892-00(6)7 - (em) 



We purchase our drink quantities per game based on expected attendance. This has not always been sufficient but almost always is. Resupplying on game day will be decided by the tailgate organizers based off the time of the day and members remaining.


We purchase our food quantities per game based on expected attendance. This has not always been sufficient, but usually is. To maximize your chance of getting food from the tailgate, please be present at the tailgate when it is being served. Approximate serving times can be requested on our forum ( http://www.skipsonepercentclub.com/forums/).


The games selected will be determined by the majority of people watching the television at the time.